Wedding at Marine Park and the Bellingham Ferry Terminal in Bellingham Washington

July 24, 2019 , Weddings

Details: Gorgeous June wedding at Marine Park in Bellingham, Washington and wedding reception at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal.

Emily and Michael’s story is one of the most interesting I’ve ever heard. It involves international travel, very tiny airplanes, language barriers, risks, and rewards. Their story starts with adventure, and they continue to live their lives that way. So as I gradually got to know them and I learned more about who they are, I felt more and more grateful they had trusted me to add to their story in my own way.

Their wedding day was incredibly gorgeous, the kind of day that makes me love the summer in northwest Washington. My second photographer and I started off by documented Emily and Michael each getting ready across town. Shoutout to Kaylee Vandenberg (hair) and Sarah Yvonne Burgoyne (makeup) for their incredible work!

Emily and Michael chose to do a First Look on the beach before the wedding at Marine Park.

Zeina and her team at Ever After Events did an incredible job setting up the ceremony location at Marine Park. What a gorgeous view!

Moving over from their wedding at Marine Park to the reception at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal was just a short walk and again Zeina at Ever After Events set things up beautifully.

I love making a photograph of the entire wedding all together and the Ferry Terminal makes it too easy with the big staircase!

… but for me the selling point of the Ferry Terminal is definitely the big domed window…

Emily and Michael absolutely crushed their first dance. I asked them about it later and they were just winging it!

Emily and Michael, thank you so much!
You were great to work with but more importantly you’re just good people and I’m better off having spent some time with you!