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" of the best choices we made... it felt like we were long time friends"

“Choosing Jake as our wedding and engagement photographer was one of the best choices we made. We had two engagement sessions with him (January and June) which were so easy– it felt like we were long time friends. By the time our Wedding rolled around Jake fit in perfectly and at the end of the night when we said our good byes, I genuinely felt sad that our time together was over (for now!). I especially love how he captures candid sometimes unplanned moments! Thats how photography should be! Highly recommend Jake to anyone!”

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"We can't say thanks enough for all the memories you captured"

“We chose Jake as our photographer because it was important to us that whoever we hired would be able to capture the beauty of the park we got married in and the guests we shared our day with. He did a beautiful job. Our photos really told the story of our wedding, which I think is rare.”

Wedding Portrait at Deception Pass, Washington

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"...beautiful little moments saved forever"

“Jake did an amazing job capturing our wedding. He is a very friendly guy and I felt like he fit the vibe of the day. When we got the pictures, he had of course captured all the big moments, but what I really loved was seeing some beautiful little moments saved forever that I want even aware he was photographing… Thank you!!”

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"Booking him for our wedding day was by far one of our best planning decisions"

“Jake was fantastic! He was very professional, responsive, and fun to work with. He took wonderful photos and was really great at capturing moments despite many different locations/lights/activities. He was able to put us at ease and capture the emotions of our wedding day. Booking him for our wedding day was by far one of our best planning decisions. Now we have amazing photos we can look back on. I highly recommend”

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"...absolutely wonderful to work with!"

“Jake was absolutely wonderful to work with! We felt really comfortable with him so our pictures came out very natural and beautiful. He did an excellent job of capturing candid moments throughout our wedding.”

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"a remarkable ability to catch an interaction in a way that tells the story"

“Jake has a remarkable ability to catch an interaction in a way that tells the story: the tone of a moment, the quality of relationship between people, a landscape that communicates the ambience of the setting, delectable food pictures(!). In addition, Jake’s a sweetie: warm, available, discreet, everywhere (in a good way). He’s a gem!”

Bellingham photography

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"Your pictures are amazing!"

“My (now) husband and I are a bit self-conscious when we know our photo is being taken, and Jake did an amazing job capturing great moments without us realizing it. I think my father-in-law said it best: ‘Your pictures are amazing! Mom and I had so much fun looking through them. There are so many special moments. The photographer really was artful in framing pictures and also had the ability to capture the feelings and interactions of the guests. Of course, the bride and groom looked beautiful and handsome as well! There were a ton of wonderful moments captured.’ 🙂 Thanks Jake!”

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"Seriously felt like we just relived the entire day"

“Oh man… thank you so much Jake. Seriously felt like we just relived the entire day… we’re so happy you were our photographer. Every shot is better and better… You were so much fun to work with, Jake!”

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