Family Hike on Lummi Island

September 1, 2018 , Family

Details: Family photo session on Lummi Island, WA

This incredible family contacted me about getting everyone together for a hike on Lummi Island as a gift for their parents. These were some of the sweetest and silliest kids I’ve ever met. The littlest one asked me to hold her hand to help her get up a hill and my heart pretty much just melted. My favorite thing about photographing kids is to let them warm up to me so that they feel more comfortable and their real personalities come out. Kids say and do so many incredible things, we just have to listen to them!

Anyway, I love sessions like this where I join the family doing something real, that they enjoy normally. Kids (and adults) are usually more comfortable somewhere familiar, doing something that feels natural. So when you’re brainstorming ideas for a family session, think about places and activities that feel normal for you.