On walls or in "the cloud"?

      Digital files aren’t forever.

      Floppy disks are obsolete. CDs are on their way out. Even USB formats are changing. Will your grandchildren need to log onto Facebook in 50 years to view your family’s most cherished photos?

      Professional prints and albums will last decades, if not generations, as family heirlooms passed down to your children and grandchildren. It’s the way photographs are meant to be viewed.

      I take a lot of pride in guiding my families to choose heirloom-quality wall art, custom designed albums, and prints that will last for 100 years or longer. I’ll even help hang them for you.

      Scroll down to learn more about my values and my approach to photographing your family.


      Authentic, dynamic images

      My style of family photography is to capture real moments that document your family interacting with each other and being yourselves. This means minimal posing and documentary sessions in your home or other places that are natural to you.

      Tangible heirlooms

      Your photographs need to be seen and enjoyed in their best possible format, and that means high quality wall art and albums that will last for many, many years. Digital files are not included but can be purchased separately alongside heirloom-quality wall art, albums, and prints. You will enjoy and appreciate your photographs more if you give them the format they deserve.

      Real relationships

      The strongest family portraits are created out of a relationship between the family and photographer, so I provide each of my clients the attention they deserve. I only take on a limited number of family photography sessions each year. If you’re considering working with me, I strongly encourage you to contact me right away!


      Family Sessions last up to 90 minutes in places that are meaningful to your family (at home, your favorite park, etc.) and doing things your family loves to do (playing, climbing, apple-picking…). I’ll always do traditional portraits too if wanted, but we’ll focus most of our time on capturing your family as you really are.

      Session fee  |  $300

      After your session, we’ll get back together for an ordering appointment to view your images and choose which you’d like to order as wall art, an album, or prints. I’ll help you choose beautiful, high quality pieces of art to be enjoyed for many, many years. A collection of wall art or an album will likely total between $1000 and $2500, but you only buy what you love.


      Family Photojournalism

      A Day in the Life sessions are extended lifestyle sessions that document a partial or full day in your family’s life. You go about your normal routine (or plan a special day) and I’ll document it from start to finish. Each day is full of special moments that define who you are as a family, and they can be the most important parts of your lives – but sometimes they go unnoticed. I’ll capture these little moments and create a photo essay that tells the story of your family as you are in a single moment of time. It’s family photography designed to create images that are as truly meaningful as possible.

      Starting at $600

      After your session, we’ll get back together for an ordering appointment to view your images and choose which you’d like to order as wall art, an album, or prints. An heirloom album of your favorite images or a collection of wall art will likely total between $1500 and $3000, but you only buy what love.


      • …so what's included?

      The session fee covers my time and talent at the photography session; pre-session consultation; an in-person ordering appointment; and delivery of archival grade artwork, albums, and prints.

      Digital files are not included but can be purchased separately. That said, I really encourage you to think about physical pieces as the end product rather than digital files.

      • Can you explain the process a little more?

      To start, just contact me using the form below! I'll respond ASAP and we'll set up a phone call to go over things in detail. I want to learn more about your family and give you a chance to learn more about me, too. We'll chat about what you have in mind, and I'll let you know what I think will work best. We'll schedule your session, and you'll sign a contract and make a payment.

      Then we'll make some awesome photographs of your family - in fact, I'll take hundreds of images. I'll painstakingly sort and examine every single image to curate a final collection. I'll then carefully edit two versions of each image in my artistic style - one in color and one in black and white.

      After your session, we'll schedule an ordering appointment where I'll reveal your photographs and help you choose the best ways to enjoy them. I'll help you design wall displays and show you previews of how your photographs will actually look on your walls. Finally, I'll personally fulfill your order and hand-deliver them to you if possible. I'll even help hang them for you.

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