75 of the Best Wedding Venues in Northwest Washington

December 26, 2019 , Advice

Bellingham wedding venues - Deception Pass
Bowman Bay at Deception Pass, Anacortes

Find your perfect wedding venue using this massive list

Here’s a list of 75(!) of the best wedding venues in northwest Washington, sorted by location (Bellingham wedding venues, Seattle wedding Venues, Bainbridge Island, etc.) and style (Indoor wedding venues, outdoor wedding venues, rustic wedding venues, etc.). This list is updated for 2020 and I tried to make sure that every venue listed is up to date with links. Are you looking for Seattle wedding venues? Bainbridge Island? Bellingham wedding venues? Do you want an outdoor garden? Or are you looking for an indoor industrial feel in downtown Seattle? Honestly no matter where your wedding will be, you have access to a huge variety of GREAT wedding venues in northwest Washington.

I’ve spent hours putting together this list from venues I’ve personally shot at and I’ve also done tons of research to find venues you may not have heard of. Bookmark this list, share it, ask your families and friends for their opinions… I did the work for you, now use it!

I want this to be the BEST list of wedding venues in Seattle, Bellingham, and northwest Washington, so if you know of an awesome venue that I’m missing, please let me know. I’ll be updating this list as much as possible. If you have any questions or want to know my thoughts on a particular venue, please contact me .

Bellingham wedding venues - Comforts of Whidbey reception
Comforts of Whidbey, Whidbey Island

Wedding Venues sorted by Location

Seattle Wedding Venues

This list of Seattle wedding venues only includes a few especially great hotel venues, so there are so many more options when you factor in all the hotels in Seattle. I focused on highlighting venues that I think are really cool. I’m a big fan of the Fremont Foundry and the Washington Park Arboretum, just to name a couple!

Seattle Wedding Venues (close to Seattle)

If you expand your search to the greater Seattle area (many under an hour from downtown) you can greatly increase the number of wedding venues to choose from. Check out The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge to learn how you can get married on top of Snoqualmie Falls!

Bellingham Wedding Venues

There are a lot of really beautiful Bellingham wedding venues even though our city is small. Venues vary from ballrooms like Lairmont Manor, to gorgeous gardens like Carson Creek estate.

Bellingham Wedding Venues (close to Bellingham)

Looking beyond Bellingham, check out Semiahmoo Resort for a resort feel close to Bellingham, Bowman Bay at Deception Pass for a rustic DIY wedding, Moon Mountain Lodge for a gorgeous spot in the middle of the woods, and Christianson’s Nursery for beautiful greenhouses.

San Juan Islands Wedding Venues

Hosting your wedding in the San Juan Islands gives a destination wedding feel without all the travel. There are tons of resorts, lavender farms, and other venues to choose from!

Or check out this link for tons more info about San Juan Island weddings.

Bainbridge Island Wedding Venues

Bainbridge Island is close enough to Seattle that it’s jsut a short ferry ride away, but you still get out of the city. Islndwood is one of my favorite wedding venues on Bainbridge Island.

Bellingham wedding venues - Bellingham Ferry Terminal
Bellingham Ferry Terminal, Bellingham

Wedding Venues sorted by Style

I’ve also taken the wedding venues listed above and organized them by their style – indoor or outdoor, gardens, wineries, and rustic or industrial wedding venues. Some venues are listed in multiple styles, and I have their locations listed too.

Indoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Here’s a bit of advice about outdoor wedding venues: I love outdoor weddings but you NEED to think about what your rain plan will be. I know, I know… don’t even say it… but you can’t wait until you see the 10-day forecast to come up with a plan.

Many outdoor wedding venues have indoor backups – just make sure you know what to expect if it has to be moved indoors last minute. If there isn’t an indoor option, you might think about renting a big tent. You’ll probably need to have it reserved in advance, but they can be really useful for shade too. Hopefully you’ll never need the backup plan, but you’ll be SO glad you have one if you do!

Anyway, here are some of the best outdoor wedding venues:

Garden Wedding Venues

Winery Wedding Venues

Rustic Wedding Venues (or Industrial Wedding Venues)

What do you think?

I hope this was helpful! I spend hours researching the best wedding venues in Seattle, Bellingham, beyond. There are so many wedding venues in northwest Washington that it’s really easy to find the perfect venue that matches what you’re looking for.

P.S. One last bit of advice:

Your wedding venue is one part of what I call the Big Three. These are there three big decisions you need to make in planning your wedding, and should be the FIRST three decisions you make. The Big Three decisions are:

  1. Wedding date
  2. Wedding venue
  3. Wedding photographer

The date you choose will determine which venues and photographers, and other vendors, are available to choose from, so it usually makes sense to pick it first. BUT if you find a venue or wedding photographer you really love, you could choose a date based on their availability too.

The thing to remember is that wedding venues and photographers can only take on one wedding at a time, so when you find one you like you need to book us early! That’s why they’re among the first three decisions you should make.

That’s it! I hope this wedding venues list is useful bookmark it, share it, use it! I’ve seen a lot of weddings and I know the kind of things that you may not have every thought about in planning your wedding. If you want to chat, I’m always happy to give my advice!

– Jake

St. Joseph Parish, Seattle