Aubrey & Wes's Wedding at Deception Pass, Washington

July 13, 2017 , Weddings

Who: Aubrey and Wes

What: Epic outdoor PNW wedding

When: Saturday, June 24, 2017

Where: Bowman Bay, Deception Pass, Washington

If I had to describe my ideal wedding to shoot (or to attend, for that matter) it would look a whole lot like Aubrey and Wes’s wedding at Deception Pass. The trees, the water, the islands, the Olympic range in the distance; this was such a quintessential Pacific Northwest wedding. Aubrey and Wes were so great to follow around for the day in this beautiful setting!

I started my day at Aubrey’s parents’ house where the whole bridal party was getting ready. I got there a little early but I’m glad I did because I arrived right as Aubrey had gotten into her dress.

We took a short stroll down the lane for some bridal portraits under the lush green foliage.

Meanwhile Wes and his groomsmen were getting dressed downstairs. I met up with them as they were trying to figure out how to pin their boutonnieres… with a little help from Google.

The ceremony at Bowman Bay was beautiful and reflected the kinds of people Aubrey and Wes are. The bridal party was barefoot and the guests spread out on blankets and in camp chairs. Overall the wedding really felt like a big fun picnic.

Wedding Ceremony at Deception Pass
Wedding Ceremony at Deception Pass 2

They snuck away for just a bit of privacy before heading back down to the celebration. It didn’t matter where!

Dancing was held in an awesome wood and stone picnic shelter. Sometimes dancing starts a little slow as people gradually let loose. Not at this wedding! It was like somebody flipped a switch and people were having a great time right off the bat…

… which OF COURSE was interrupted when the power went out…

But, that was the perfect opportunity to sneak off with Aubrey and Wes for a few portraits at sunset.

The power never came back on.

No matter… everyone was perfectly content to listen to music off an iPhone, enjoy a fire and s’mores, and watch the sunset.

At the end of the evening Aubrey and Wes took off for a short getaway.

THANK YOU Aubrey and Wes for inviting me to document your awesome day!

Aubrey and Wes chose to do their “engagement photos” with me a few days after the wedding as wedding portraits. We were able to take our time making some great portraits at Deception Pass without worrying about being away from the wedding day celebration.

CLICK HERE to see Aubrey and Wes’s portraits

Wedding Portrait at Deception Pass, Washington