MY STORY

      I live in Bellingham, Washington with my wife Annie, our daughter Eden, and our goldendoodle Gus. I like to eat good food, drink good coffee, beer, and cider, hike, camp, mountain bike, and otherwise enjoy life in northwest Washington. My personal photography has revolved around Eden a lot, lately. Documenting her first six months (and counting) has been so incredible. I also love to haul my camera out into the woods, onto the beach, or to the tops of mountains and just sit, observe my surroundings, and slow down while making a few photographs.

      I'm passionate about creating images that are beautiful individually, but that are even better together. The core of my philosophy is to seek out natural, candid moments that document real emotions and interactions. Like life, they don't always fit the classic ideal of "perfect." Your photographs will have context, meaning, and show people as they really are, in real places.