Annie’s First Mother’s Day - Introducing Eden Helena

      May 13, 2018 , Family

      First-Mothers-Day-11 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      I don’t write too many personal blog posts but this is my wife Annie’s first Mother’s Day so I wanted to say what a great mama she is and introduce our daughter Eden!

      I’ve always thought that family photos should be about more than just “right now,” but after Eden was born I’ve really felt that the photos I take of her and our family are for Eden to have in the future, to see how much we loved her when she was little. Maybe if Eden has children she can see what it was like to be her mom when she was a newborn.

      First-Mothers-Day-1 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Eden Helena was born on Feb 25 at 1:49pm here in Bellingham. The nurses and doctors at the PeaceHealth Childbirth Center and Bellingham OBGYN are all so wonderful – thank you!

      First-Mothers-Day-2 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      These first moments of Annie and Eden together are some of the most important photos I’ll ever take.

      First-Mothers-Day-3 - Jake Pfaffenroth PhotographyFirst-Mothers-Day-4 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      When we brought Eden home from the hospital, our goldendoodle Gus immediately knew she was part of the family. He adores her and is always SO interested to see what she’s doing. He gives her lots of kisses!

      First-Mothers-Day-5 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      First-Mothers-Day-8 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Eden loves bath time. It’s definitely her favorite time of day. Getting into warm soft jammies right after bath time is a close second!

      First-Mothers-Day-6 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography First-Mothers-Day-7 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      This series of Annie and Eden reading and playing together is one of my absolute favorite moments. These were some of Eden’s very first smiles.

      First-Mothers-Day-9 - Jake Pfaffenroth PhotographyFirst-Mothers-Day-10 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Happy Mother’s Day, Annie! Eden couldn’t have had a better mama. We both love you so much!