Kitty & Matt's Wedding at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal, Bellingham, Washington

      January 10, 2018 , Weddings

      Who: Kitty and Matt

      What: December Wedding

      When: Saturday, Dec. 10, 2017

      Where: Bellingham Ferry Terminal


      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-64 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Kitty and Matt had their wedding at the Bellingham Ferry Terminal building in Fairhaven.

      The weather was great for mid-December. I joined them for a hike the day before their wedding to collect ferns for their table centerpieces. Note the Matt was enjoying shorts.

       Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-1 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography


      Kitty and Matt got ready at separate locations a few blocks from each other. I bounced back and forth between the two houses for a couple hours before we all made our way over to the Bellingham Ferry Terminal.


      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-2 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Kitty and Matt had their first look along the water outside the Bellingham Ferry Terminal building. It was just a tad chilly (especially without a coat, way to go Kitty), but it was a beautiful setting with sunset lighting up the hills of Bellingham in the background.



      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-3 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-4 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography


      Their ceremony was personal and included so many important people in their lives. They stood under a wood arbor hand-made just for them, complete with mistletoe.


      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-5 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-6 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography


      The Bellingham Ferry Terminal is a super neat wedding space. The grand staircase just begs for photos. We managed to get the entire wedding in one shot!


      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-7 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-8 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-9 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-10 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography


      After a heartfelt thanks by Kitty and Matt, and a Makers Mark toast in lieu of campaign, they had their first dance… complete with a recreation of Ross and Monica’s dance in Friends. You know, “The One with the Routine.”

      Of course, a great dance party followed.


      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-11 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-12 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-13 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-14 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography Bellingham-Ferry-Terminal-Wedding-15 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography


      Thanks, Kitty and Matt!


      View images from their engagement session at Boulevard Park here.


      Kitty’s dress is from BHLDN

      Excellent pizza was served by Gusto Wood Fired Pizza