Jessie & Thomas's Wedding at Shuksan Golf Club, Bellingham Washington

      August 23, 2017 , Weddings

      Who: Jessie and Thomas

      What: Country club wedding in rural Whatcom County

      When: Sunday, August 6, 2017

      Where: Shuksan Golf Club

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-1 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Jessie and Thomas met in Asia where they both teach English.   Jessie grew up in northwest Washington and Thomas is from the Netherlands. I was able to meet with them in person a few weeks before their wedding and learn all about how they each came to be in Asia and how they met. They’re a great couple with an interesting story. Their wedding was beautiful, stress-free, and full of their families and friends.


      Jessie was still getting ready when I arrived so I was able to grab a few photos of her finishing up before she headed downstairs where Thomas was waiting. 

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-2-1 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      We took a spin around the golf course for bride and groom portraits. There had been a lot of wildfire smoke blowing down from BC the previous couple weeks. It actually gave a pleasant warm light that made our portraits better!

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-3 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-4 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      After we wrapped up portraits, we had a few spare minutes to relax before the ceremony.

      Speaking of time, Thomas carried a really neat pocket watch that had belonged to his grandfather.

      I also took advantage of the great table decor to grab an image of their rings.

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-5 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Their ceremony was out on a beautiful patio surrounded by really wonderful trees and bushes. This is such a wonderful venue for an outdoor ceremony.

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-7 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-8 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-9 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      They had a really awesome outdoor deck for cocktails and appetizers. The interior space was also beautiful with huge windows and big wooden beams.

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-6 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-11 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-10 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-12 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-13 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-14 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-16 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Jessie and Thomas kicked off the dancing with a flourish.

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-17 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography
      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-18 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Jessie and Thomas made the excellent decision to move the dance party outside. I suggest if you can ever move your dancing outside, do it!

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-19 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography

      Thanks, Jessie and Thomas, for hiring me from all the way across the Pacific. I’m so glad to have met you and I really enjoyed being a part of your big day!

      Wedding-at-Shuksan-Golf-Club-Bellingham-15 - Jake Pfaffenroth Photography